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Letters to Flung

Presented here is a sampling of the letters I've received and (some of 'em) printed in Flung.


Sorry, don't hate me, but you make your life seem boring. Maybe you should have someone (not me! I'm not trying to schmooze into your life or anything) collaborate with you for a bit of experience. I don't feel a mood or curiosity propelling me through your comic, and I think I should. And who the Dickens are you? Can't really tell, except that you are an employed white guy who considered replacing your girlfriend [see The Music Thing in Flung #1 --g.]. Maybe in the context of other comics, where we get to know you, that's interesting. Maybe you could explore how despicable you felt about wanting to replace your girlfriend, or what went through your head when the kids enter the video store. What is good comics without guilt? Or some indication of feeling? Unasked-for advice--I'm a terrible person (and I feel guilty! See? Now I can write a comic about how guilty I feel!)


To Whom It May Concern:
I bought your comic Flung #1 and I loved it! Do you have any more stuff? I collect comics, I love my comic books! I also write a comic, too, but it's not very good. It's autobiographical. Keep up the good work! Please write me!

Donna Mathes
Well well well! I'm in the funnies! I have 10 minutes before I start work, so I'll keep it brief. I like your work, expecially "Heavy Rotation" [Flung #1]. I also have a man I've lived with for 10 years (is that blunt enough?) He's also a comic artist but currently making money as a sign painter. Oh, why isn't your name on the book?

[The subject of the "library" story in Flung #1]
Hey How is it going? I bought Flung #1 yesterday, and I loved it. It is about true life. And then I visited your web page and I saw where someone said that they think your life is dull, well I live in s small town and life here is pretty boring. When I reead your story about the obsesion with the library lady, I about shit my pants. Be cause at our book store down town, there is a hot chick who works there and I am always telling my friends that I am going to askk her out. And sometimes I will just go in there to talk to her. Well, like you, I never asked her out, no matter how many times I have seen her. Well I can not wait to order issue #2 and the mini. And I can not wait to see#3. Keep up the good work of tellinbg my life like you already have.

Thanks for a great book,
Bill Gallentine
i had no idea what i was buying when i was paying for this book, and i still don't really know what i bought. it sure is good though, this is one book that i can completly relate to. exspiaely the library girl story, the exact same thing happened to me, and going in circles just to bump into her by chance and strike a conversation.
Congrats, we're both losers..........
spiffy little book ya got there, keep it up

Dan McMahon
I got your two Flung copies, and enjoyed reading them! #2 was much much better than the first issue, better art and better story, better storytelling too. You really have improved a lot, and I noticed you stopped with the black background, which is good I think, cos else it would be too much Chester Brown. However, I have to agree with the girl, Rachel, in the lettersection, who commented on your comics. Well, I do think YOU are right that a comic doesnt have to be about guilt , but I think she used guilt just as an example for feelings. To the readers of your comic you are just an avarage guy , but the trouble is that you STAY an avarage guy! Ive got the feeling that you decided to draw autobiographical comics but dont intend to tell anything really personal about yourself. We dont really get to know you. You know, you don't need to have an exciting life as long as you can tell excitingly about it. I mean, you could do a comic about drinking your coffee, as long as you can make it interesting enough !

The Love for Sale story was really great! Just a shame you don't focus more on your friends. Now they're all the same. Just 3 guys that happen to be your friends, but we dont really get to know them, so we dont really care about them! I mean, my thoughts when that friend got robbed, were like, " oh. well, so what ? ". But we do get to know you a bit better in that story, and the story itself is great too!

Good luck and best wishes!
[name withheld by request, Amsterdam]

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